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BoxScore Brands Inc.

An American Lithium and New Energy Company

BoxScore Brands Inc. (OTC Pink: BOXS) is a US based Renewable Energy Company focused on the extraction, refining, manufacturing and distribution of precious technical minerals. The company will utilize technologically advanced solutions to meet the highest ESG government standards.

A modern approach to mineral extraction

The technological advancements in selective Brine extraction provide a cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly method. Brine extraction technologies are faster into production, more efficient and cost effective than traditional mining practices.

BOXSCORE BRANDS Inc. is positioned to be an upstream leader in the US renewable energy sector focused on the extraction and refinement of technical minerals. Our operations team has five plus decades of experience in exploration, production, operations, and sales along the natural resource supply chain. Phase 1 of a NI 43-101 is available below.

Lisbon Valley Project

The initial project is located in Eastern Utah and consists of more than one hundred (100) Federal mineral rights across 2040 Acres of Federal land including seven (7) existing wells. This asset provides access to the targeted brine deposits. Historical Data show a substantial commercially viable concentration of Lithium Brine.

The Markets

Lithium Carbonate DDP China Yuan/mt (3/1/2022) $78,000 spot up 702% from $11,100mt on 3/1/2021

Clear Vision, Clean Energy

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