About Us

A Few Words About Us

BoxScore Brands, Inc. is a consumer products and automated retailing company specializing in the creation, marketing and sales of unique ice cream and related food products which are distributed to the retail markets utilizing various “next-generation” self-serve electronic kiosks throughout North America.

BoxScore Brands, Inc. owns and operates kiosks and has partnered with numerous national consumer product companies to deliver new and innovative customer retail experiences in automated “frictionless” settings . We seek to place our kiosks in high-traffic host locations such as big box stores, restaurants, malls, airports, casinos, universities, and colleges. Currently, we own and operate all of our kiosks, but intend to also provide the kiosks through a distributor relationship.

Our vending kiosks incorporate advanced wireless technology, creative concepts, and ease of management. The kiosks have been designed to be tech-savvy and can be managed on-line 24 hours a day/7 days a week, accepting traditional cash input as well as credit and debit cards. Host locations and suppliers have been drawn to this distribution concept of product vending based on the advantages of reduced labor and lower product theft as compared to non-kiosk merchandising platforms.  We take a solutions development approach for the marketing of products through a variety of kiosk offerings. This approach will allow us the ability to add digital LCD monitors to most makes and models of their kiosk program, allowing digital advertising to run on a national and/or local loop basis while creating an additional revenue stream for BoxScore Brands, Inc.

BoxScore Brands, Inc., headquartered in Santa Monica, CA., and with offices in Canada, Orange, CA and Las Vegas, NV.